Software and technological solutions for real-time communication.
Designed for seamless integration, ONE RTC empowers businesses to offer real-time interaction options for their users

  • State-of-the-art audio and video communication solutions for even better user experience
  • Top-notch security, privacy and reliability
Web Storage
  • Robust environment for storing and managing media content
  • Support of various types of media files
  • APIs for uploading, downloading, and managing media files
  • Media format conversion
  • Data redundancy, availability, and scalability
Instant Messenger
  • Live chat and instant text messenger for real-time communication
  • User-oriented interface for smooth communication experience
  • Versatile and secure environment for text messaging
  • APIs to integrate live chat into web applications and mobile apps
AI-Powered Monitoring
  • AI-based monitoring for safe and respectful environment for all users
  • Moderation against explicit, offensive or inappropriate content
  • Antispam feature

Contact information

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